Condition Reports

Condition reports and dilapidation reports in Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire & Leicestershire

Condition reports will form part of preliminary/interim/final reports, or they may be commissioned as distinct pieces of work to describe the condition of an item at a particular point in time (but not making recommendations for treatment).

A dilapidation report is an inspection and written report, supported with photographs of the condition of a building or adjacent infrastructure that is undertaken prior to work commencing on an adjoining property. The proposed work can include a new building, alterations to a retaining wall, road works, underground tunnelling or demolitions.

The condition reports and schedules we undertake:

• Pre-Lease condition reports
• Photographic schedules
• Dilapidation reports
• Construction/contractor disputes
• Expert witness reports
building contractors

We undertake homebuyer reports and valuations on all residential properties.

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